Messing around with Painter


I have been taking “Weather report” photos of our stormy sky this week, and have discovered that aiming a camera into the turbulence feels better than just turning my back on it! In one of my lute books, I found an image of a lute player plucking up in a billowing cloud, and thought it would be fun to try combining this illustration with the photograph. I have been wanting to get back to experimenting with Painter X…

First, I opened and cloned one of the week’s selection of skies from my iPhoto library, and then closed the original. (I have learned the hard way that any changes you make to the original  on Painter also show up in the stacks!) Then I scanned the woodblock, and using the lasoo selection tool to eliminate some of the background,  Selected All,  copied and pasted it onto the  sky image. Adjusted the size of the little musician with “free transform”, and played with the transparency of the new layer. Used a Layer Mask to clean up the edges on scanned image, and added a few brush marks and turbulence of my own. 

Then, thinking “celestial messages” were in order,  I scanned a page of  hand-written lute tablature, and sliding the transparency on the new layer all the way down, filled the sky with barely perceptible music.

I saved the file in jpeg format in order to email the image to my fellow lute player and weather watcher. And then –really on a roll!–resized the canvas and successfully printed it onto a blank card. Such exciting adventures for a potentially gloomy day! I am looking forward to more of this!



8 Responses to “Messing around with Painter”

  1. Your new blog looks really nice!

  2. Wow, what a great image! It was very interesting your journey on getting there.

    I sew hats for chemo patients and find it a very rewarding thing to do – had not thought of knitting them.

  3. That is gorgeous! Thanks for telling how you did it. I love it 😉


  4. Very creative way of dealing with the winter doldrums! I found myself wondering about the images that you started with. It might be interesting to show the picture of the stormy winter sky that you started with. I don’t know about anyone else, but I often need some inspiration to jump start me this time of year. Starting with your raw image might help pique my own imagination about the winter monotones. 🙂

  5. bplstudio Says:

    Feedback is so nice!
    I hereby assume Bean’s new homework assignment, and will try posting the raw Winter Sky materials, FYI. Thank you.

  6. I’m glad you left a comment on my blog, so that I was alerted to your new one. I like to work in Painter, too, but you do things I do not know how to do. You used the words ‘getting back to Painter’, as though you haven’t done it in a long time. Get back there! I love your musical cherub in a stormy sky, and your description of how you created it. I think you have a great start, and I will enjoy keeping track of you. Karol

  7. Thank you for sharing your Photoshop techniques! It is so interesting to see how artists work. (Your image doesn’t show up for me now, though.)

    All the work you have on your blog is wonderful!!

  8. I opened up your blog for the first time — to “More Clocks” — and have been scrolling and reading the whole trip down to Painter X and this collage. I’m so intrigued by your art spirit — I LOVE the clocks!!! — and I appreciate your outlining your steps in Painter to create this image. I love it too. (I work with PainterX as well… have become rather addicted to it along with watercolors and oils and charcoals.

    I will come back… 🙂


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