Music Stands

new-front3   music-stands-second-wind3


A couple of summers ago, I designed and built  some music stands, with a view to practicing the lute outside on a beautiful day, and perhaps giving our noisy neighborhood birds a run for their money. I wanted a stand that would sit on a table, and double as a case for storing and transporting the music out to the terrace. I won’t deny that having a new blank surface to decorate is always fun!…

When I start a new project, I usually just jump in, without worrying too much about the details;  how many times over the years I have sewn in the zipper upside down, or  built the bookshelf one centimeter too short for the file boxes! It is one of the reasons I often end up with a “series” instead of a once-off… by the fourth or fifth try, I usually manage to get the hinge system working, or enough clearance for the books, or I have figured out how to keep the stand open to the perfect angle….

This time, determined to get as much as possible right at the outset, I had the lumberyard cut me me TWELVE plywood rectangles (thick enough to append the ledge with the tiniest possible screws), after carefully measuring to make sure there would be room for A4 music paper. I sanded and primed with joyful abandon, glued and clamped some strips around the edges of each pair of rectangles to create depth, sawed molding for holding up the music…and then got stumped by hinges. We live out in the Italian countryside, where it can be hard to find even the most basic hardware. But when even a trip to Rome didn’t produce the right hinges, I bought some wide twill tape, and glued it to the edge where the elusive piano hinge should have gone. Then I drilled holes at the lower right hand corner of front and back (alright, I admit it!– on the first pass, I forgot to measure, and drilled through half of the edging…). Threaded in a leather thong, to hold the stand open at just the right angle. Put a strip of velcro on the opening edges in lieu of little hooks, which would have been nice if I had found any.

I am pretty satisfied with the results, all in all. One problem is there is no place  to clamp down the music with a couple of clothespins, if a breeze picks up.

torraccia-april-2007-005 torraccia-april-2007-006

torraccia-april-2007-012 torraccia-april-2007-008


3 Responses to “Music Stands”

  1. These look too pretty to be consigned to thumbnail photos. They deserve main billing so we can see detail!
    I like to built things, too, and I’m always running ‘what ifs’ through my mind. What if you had a piece of wood painted to match that attached to the top with thumb screws, that could hold the music in place? If you need to turn pages in a hurry that might not work. So, the wood strip could be attached to the top on tiny shims in the corners, so you could easily slide the music underneath to be loosely held. No hard to find hardware needed in that case.

  2. bplstudio Says:

    Thanks, Karol!– I am still learning the mechanics of this blog thing, and I had understood that clicking on the thumbnail would enlarge the photo. I guess not…what is Bloggers’ etiquette? does one try again in a new post, or just shrug it off as a lesson learned, the better to post another time? Betsy

    PS. Thanks for your suggestion for windy days. Unfortunately, music comes in different heights…

  3. Oh those are all beautiful! I’m quite partial to the two top ones 😉

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