Win’s hat: 2008


Some of my friends are dealing with chemo, and I have been trying to come up with a good pattern for a fluffy knitted hat, to tide them over till their own fluff grows back. I think this one does the trick pretty nicely. I found the yarn at a market stall in Paris, and bought two balls; Phildar also has some soft fake-fur yarns in nice colors. I used circular needles, and cast on 40 stitches, part-knitting in the following way:



4 Responses to “Win’s hat: 2008”

  1. I love that hat! I would have worn something like that after my brain surgery probably. Except it was warm out so I just went bald and grossed everyone out with my scar. lol


  2. Now that is a HAT! It is great. I love that it is colorful and that it is “‘fuzzy”. Your friends are truly blessed to have such a thoughtful and artistic friend!

  3. Wow – your friends are lucky to have you making these hats. And all your other work looks very interesting.

  4. I saw those fantastic hats in reality and can assure that they all look fabulous! Immagine the success they would make up in cold Sweden!
    Where are all the beautiful blankets? Knit more!!-in the real world and not just on the screen!
    Hugs Karin
    PS Once I saw Picasso, in reality, drawing with his finger in the sand on the beach. The people in a ring around him were desperately staring at the waves…….

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