Here are some examples of the stitched pieces I work on from time to time.  I paint on raw linen with fabric paints (Setacolor by Pebeo), and fix the colors with a hot iron. Then I cut up and distort the linen in various ways, and stitch over and through it–sometimes onto to a backing, and sometimes not. I love the ripples that form on the surface when you tug gently on a simple running stitch, and I love the slow, meditative pace of the work. These pieces may end up framed, but often I just put them aside for a while, and they show up in their next reincarnation as part of a vest or a tea cozy….















5 Responses to “Stitches”

  1. I’ve been a needleworker all my life, so I appreciate this process, and I love seeing big samples. All hand stitches! My, my. You aren’t kidding about the meditative pace, but I know what you mean about enjoying it. Karol

  2. Very creative and beautiful pieces here Betsy! 😉


  3. Hi Betsy! Oh my gosh, you must have incredible finger stamina…I get cramped hands just with haphazardly sewing a patch on my jeans! I like the ridged effect you mentioned; the running stitch with tugs. The thought occurs to me that you have textile art that has its own fingerprint, here. Argh, that just gave me an idea for a jacket. Very nice work, I’m partial to the second blue and the wide-framed square, meself 🙂

  4. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    Pete, Use Pliers! –I get cramped hands even thinking of sewing patches on your jeans! (Though I would like to see those jeans, having seen your blog….I’ll bet they are something pretty great.) And while we’re at it, about three thimbles would also come in handy. You are right in thinking the stitching is sometimes hard work, once the layers and the paint add up.

    The blue piece is called “Splash”; when I get a little better at blogging maybe I will remember to mention such things! I love to swim, and “Splash” evokes the joy of being the first one to dive in, early in the morning, before the day heats up and the rambunctious kids arrive. I love the way the lines on the bottom explode into crazy patterns….I guess swimming laps is a little like sewing row after row of stitches, is it?

  5. Textures and textiles? I am in love! I just want to touch those. I used to be a textile artist but I have lost too much sensation in my fingers to do any needlework. I miss the creative and meditative process but the handwork but I can just get lost in the beauty of your work. It is gorgeous.

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