roots_21 “Roots”, mixed media (etching plate, old lock on wood) B.Lahaussois, c.2000


This is special salute to Karol from Three Dog Studio,  who shares an interest in the “underpinnings”, the mysteries and the stuff going on behind the scenes!..


6 Responses to “Roots”

  1. Thanks for the salute. I’m honored, and encouraged to keep on trying to unlock mysteries. Karol

  2. That is a wonderful image and a salute.

  3. And I am so privileged to gaze on it every day, where it hangs over my fireplace!

  4. Well my dear, when you emailed me and told me you were taking Bean’s class you never gave me a link to your blog. I found my way here via Bean’s blog and I must say, I am absolutely floored.

    I’ve seen your sculpture, your stitching, your knitted chemo cap, your gorgeous music stands and all are just wonderful. I had no idea you were so multi-talented. Beautiful work Betsy, and I’m so happy your Painter classes were useful to you.


  5. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    Thank you, Elaina. I would like to take this opportunity to plug your “Painter X” courses, which are excellent!

  6. I did write a comment, but it slithered away. I am happier with concrete and marble than with a computer. I am thunderstruck at what you take on – successfully, too.

    I send a barrel of respect and thousands of hugs.


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