A few years ago, a little gallery in Rome–located just off Piazza dell’Orologio– offered me a show, and since I had been having some fun building clocks (“orologi”) it seemed like a good occasion to explore the subject further. I went to a watch repair shop in Acquasparta, and found some battery-run clock mechanisms, ready to install in the setting of your choice. Where to begin?

 I had recently participated in a mixed-media workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, in Deer Isle, Maine, and was enjoying discovering my new tools–a miter box saw, a circular sander, a Dremel tool; and was also eager to try out  gold leaf, and some mysterious pearly acrylic paints called Interference Colors, manufactured by Golden Paints. I must have produced fifty clocks by “show time”. Here is the way the gallery looked just before the opening:


Galleria al Vicolo

clock-show_-gallery-entrance   clock-show 


And here are some of my favorite clocks from the show.















2 Responses to “Clocks”

  1. Oh those are amazing! I can picture them in a few rooms in my home 😉


  2. As a full time consultant I’m jealous when I see such beautiful, tangible products!

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