4 Responses to “Vests”

  1. These are flat out awesome!! 😉


  2. Your vests are so beautiful!!! Which is your favorite? Do you wear them for special occasions? You must receive lots of compliments on them!!

  3. Those are jaw-droppingly fun to look at! I’m in danger of dropping down the evolutionary scale from all the unconscious mouth-breathing while I stare at your stuff; seriously cool work on these, Betsy. I’m particularly struck by the emerald green with the red quadrilateral on and the turquoise and green piece but I keep picking others out too, as I watch the slideshow. Speaking of which, those work really well on your site, you have enough images for it to really be advantageous, at least MY scrolling muscles thank you!
    Be back to ogle these and the needleworks again as I can while i finish up the lessons.

  4. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    Shiloh, Ellifolks, Pete, thank you for your well-timed enthusiasm–I think you have actually managed to cheer me up! I’ve been poking around the Blogosphere these past couple of days, now that we are back home. I hadn’t done much looking at what is out there before, and was completely overwhelmed, and a little embarrassed. There is so much talent and humor and skill in the big Blogging Sea, and I am such an insignificant little droplet!

    But I feel I have your permission to keep trying. One foot in front of the other, right? Thank you for your timely support.

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