“Paniers Bio”


Rémi has been working hard this year to set himself up in business as an organic farmer in Eastern Quebec. He has always liked working with his hands and being outdoors, and the past few years he has become keenly interested in nature’s fine tuning. His parents applaud this initiative, especially if it means he can spend lots of time on his music, during the long Canadian winters…

When he asked me to make him a leaflet to hand out at the school’s agricultural fair, I could hardly wait to get started.  He agreed I could use this wonderful painting of vegetables he did on a paper bag in kindergarten, and which has hung in our kitchen ever since…


 I was glad to have all my notes from Elaina’s Painter course at LVSOnline, as I set off on this post-course adventure.

 1st-farm-w-more-contrast  bigpanier


I got plenty of practice using layers; copying, repeating, flipping and fading shapes; moving around text; and resizing and saving files. I even learned that US letter paper is shorter and fatter than the European A4!….

I would emerge victoriously (and crookedly) from my little office,  and say to Jacques, “Ta DAH!”–only to get shot down with “not enough contrast! too hard to read!”

Back to the drawing board.

I revisited Elaina’s instructions for capturing paper textures, after taking a digital photograph of the side of a basket…but then decided just to use the basket as is. How convenient it is to snap a picture, upload it onto the computer, and have it instantly available for use! How many possibilities tumble out, one on top of another…

newbio2  newbio1


I don’t know which of these Rémi will end up using (which do YOU prefer?), but I have sent him off the files in “Gif” format,  changing from my usual fall-back choice “Jpeg”, to avoid huge-sized files. One thing I still haven’t figured out is how to get my Canon M600 printer to print the image flush with the edge of the paper; does anyone know how to avoid the default margins?


2 Responses to ““Paniers Bio””

  1. You should be able to select borderless under printer setup in the print box when you select the paper size. —Beautiful blog!

  2. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    Hey there, Pat! Nice to hear from you!!!
    I agree I SHOULD be able to do this, but it is just not happening. Next time you come to Roma, come visit and just show me, OK? XXB

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