“When the fog rolls in…”

weather.web IMG_1496

When the fog rolls in, the only real choice is to blast the heat in the studio, roll back the plastic cover on the knitting machine, give the rusty needles a generous shot of WD40, and start cranking. I am getting a little better at taking notes as I go along, and was pleased to find a page with scribbled measurements and comments, right where I had left it last winter. It is also auspicious if there are some leftover yarns lying around…


Also lying around–a favorite ethnic vest which I have been meaning to “interpret” for a friend! The original shape works beautifully in broadcloth, but what about a knitted version? I like working organically, without too much advance planning–you knit a piece, and add another piece to enlarge it if it was too narrow,  blending colors as you go, flipping some sections back to front for contrast. I liked the way the edges rolled when left “raw” on the sleeves, but the roll went a little haywire along the bottom, with the alternation of reversed and face-up panels. I went back and evened them out later! As usual, the “copy” doesn’t have much in common with the original piece, but that is OK with me….


In the next version (how I like working in series!) the bottom edge is finished by hand in garter stitch, after knitting each section on the machine–garter stitch doesn’t roll, and yet it doesn’t look as “traditional” as ribbing…


I had some soft “fake fur” yarns left from last season, and knit the fuzzy striped band by hand to finish the neck and front opening, for extra coziness–though in retrospect, the shape worked quite well on its own before adding that final strip.


And then for light entertainment, some Medusa hats! (See Win’s Hat for the basic structure, onto which you can append anything you please…)

redhatIMG_1524 IMG_1523

And one more for the road–

red edge


One Response to ““When the fog rolls in…””

  1. Fun. I want a sweater with a fuzzy collar around my neck!!!

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