One wedding present and nine spin-offs

Tom and Katie are getting married this summer, and bless their hearts, when asked what sort of present they might like, they said, “Please MAKE us something!” Though I’m not sure they aren’t swimming in cupboards and wall space, it is unlikely; and because I do know about luggage restrictions on low cost airlines, I decided to scale the project to the size of my trusty suitcase. With scraps and glue and matte medium still lying around from my last studio roll, I just picked up where I left off, printed their names off in favorite fonts a few thousand times, and personalized a wooden tray. Every newly established household needs a means to transport the wine glasses and olives to the balcony after work, does it not?

And then, feeling I was just warming up, I marched straight back to Ikea and bought another dozen blank trays. Here is how the series is coming along…(note to Mom: click on an image to enlarge it!)

Even “bon vivants” like Jacques and I probably don’t need more than nine trays for carrying our wine glasses around, so perhaps it was time to get a new idea. As it would happen, while I was at Ikea, a bolt of natural linen ambushed me on the tortuous way to the check-out. Linen, meet artichoke!….Stay tuned to this station to witness how one thing leads to another.


5 Responses to “One wedding present and nine spin-offs”

  1. Very, very cool. Worth the wait! 🙂 Karol

  2. They look absolutely fabulous! I love the gold garden one.

  3. I think the ‘Katie-Tom’ tray is amazing; such a thoughtful, personal present! [I just found a letter from GM that had the address for your page enclosed; I’m so glad that she passed it on]!

  4. Katie & Tom Says:

    WE LOVE IT!! 🙂 And cannot wait to see it in person. Big hug to you!

  5. Wow. Gorgeous work, and recognizable as yours. I love how one thing leads to another! I’m partial to the artichokes. I think it is fun to be Betsy.

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