Dream com(ing) true

I have always liked being in the water.

I can think of nothing that makes me feel more “at one with the universe” than swimming laps in a quiet pool, early in the morning. It is like meditation in motion, counting those laps  in a sort of personal basso continuo,  as ideas come bubbling up, sometimes disappearing before I get a chance to scribble them down.

I have never really managed  to capture what swimming means to me in the studio, though “Splash” felt like a continuation of the water experience, stitch following stitch in its own hypnotic rhythm.

One artist who captures Pools brilliantly is David Hockney; if you don’t know his work, have a look at hockneypictures.com . Enviable!

We live in the “cuore verde” of Italy, and except for the good graces of the Holiday Hills Hotel, whose pool is open for a short but delicious two month period, I am out of luck for swimming in this neighborhood. Once the season is in full swing, Radio Subasio blasts from all speakers, and chubby members of the local Day Camp hurl themselves into your lane as you approach. After 9:30 a.m., inspiration is replaced by thoughts of murder!

I never really thought we would have our own pool, but a couple of years ago, I put out a challenge to my Fairy Godmother, in the form of a clock which looks like this:

It is not a great clock, but I hung it on the kitchen wall, and more or less forgot about it. I was quite busy, after all, reaping the benefits of a previous wish, “Get my very own computer, and see if I can figure out how it works!”

Again and again, I have been amazed by the power of the carefully considered wish. Writing it down starts some mysterious wheels turning, and once again, it is working. We are really getting our own pool! This is the scene from my window as I sit at my computer:

There have been delays and set-backs, but considering I called that clock “What I want for Christmas”, we are probably right on schedule!  Be careful what you wish for!

Postscript, August 1: Happily ever after!


2 Responses to “Dream com(ing) true”

  1. I’m dropping everything to make my “what I wish for” project today. The pool will be lovely. Glad your wish is coming true.

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