On the Road

I have logged quite a few hours this summer walking along the edge of blacktop roads,  station platforms, and parking lots. I have gotten quite fond of the special sort of graffiti you find on a road, the sort you only notice if you are hoofing it. Maybe the first few days you don’t notice at all, what with the mosquitoes to slap, and the cyclists to salute; but then gradually you start to recognize the crazy skid marks as a half-way point on your walk,  and wonder who did them, and how? It defies the imagination..

After a good rain, I love the way the cracks in blacktop look like delicate line drawings enhanced by a wet wash…


Once the road crew has been by, the bold tar lines take on the primitive appeal of finger painting.

I particularly like the multi-layer effect, when the white parking lines have gotten tangled up with several seasons of finger painted cracks!

And a good grid underlying the wear and tear is always satisfying…

Really, there is a lot to be said for walking, a small camera, and the ravages of time!


2 Responses to “On the Road”

  1. Very interesting. I’ve been walking all summer, too. The environment has been more woodsy, filled with deer and wildflowers: not as abstract, maybe, unless I pay a different type of attention.

  2. Totally cool Bets! I am always impressed with how creative you are.

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