Mountain Day 2010

I still have nightmares in which I am dressed in my Cap and Gown for college graduation, with my family seated expectantly in the audience.  I suddenly remember I never chose a thesis topic, or even completed the most basic graduation requirements!

Alas, this nightmare reflects the sad truth…I was an easily distracted student, and my Cushing House buddies were an inventive, mischievous bunch…sometimes it was hard keeping our mind on the serious business of scholarship.

One COLLEGE-sanctioned study break was the much loved fall tradition of Mountain Day. On a beautiful fall morning, when the red and orange leaves were at their most glorious, the school bells would toll, the librarian would lock the front doors, and we were sent forth with a boxed lunch to celebrate nature. Here is a yellowing page from from an early scrapbook commemorating my first Mountain Day. Though I squirm at my girlish captions, how well I remember the smell of damp leaves and the joy of an unexpected outing!

The four years of college passed quickly. I actually did earn that diploma, and the good friends drifted apart. We settled all over the planet,  got too busy with families and jobs and life itself to nurture old friendships, and nearly forgot about each other. And then came the brave new age of the World Wide Web, Google Searches, and Social Networking, and abracadabra, we fell back in touch! With mounting enthusiasm as more and more of us jointed the fold, Jill proposed gathering somewhere for our own Mountain Day. Eb offered her New Hampshire farm, transportation was arranged from far flung places, the leaves turned red, and the long-awaited weekend began. This is the scene that greeted us:

We laughed and talked and hiked and feasted and looked at old photos and had the time of our lives.

Megan, Margie’s daughter, took a group photo, and set us up with our own Web Page; and the book titles and inspirations and funny stories continue to fly back and forth, even now that we are all back  home. It was a wonderful, heart-warming, and inspiring weekend…..

Here is how I contained my mounting excitement as the weekend approached:

I sewed up some linen tote bags, printed them with actual leaves smeared with fabric paint; finished them with children’s printing blocks, a bit of collage, some squirts of paint from a plastic ketchup dispenser….


2 Responses to “Mountain Day 2010”

  1. I, too, am amazed by the reconnections brought about by worldwide abracadabra. What a joyous reunion, and special art bag keepsakes. Which one are you in the group photo? When will the next Mountain Day be held?

  2. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    Hello, Lightdance! This is to become an annual October event; next year we go to Jill’s cabin in Minnesota…I’m the one in the back row, far right!

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