A few more trays: Mazes

Alexander, our just-turned-ten grandson, has always loved drawing complicated mazes like this one, as beautiful to look at as tricky to solve. He and his younger brother are also serious Lego fans, and compete (yes!) for the family tray to use as a base for their tall, tottering towers. Aimée suggested I paint one for each boy, to leave her in peace with her cup of tea, and make it easier to liberate the table at dinner time. Naturally I sprang into action…

Doing something with Lego pieces seemed like a good place to start, and Google gratified me with hundreds of hits…but much as I enjoyed the concept of a mess of very realistically painted Legos on the tray’s surface, merging with the actual 3-D Legos, it seemed unkind to purposefully confuse the young builders! So I decided to try my hand at mazes, inspired by Alexander.

Here is a great link


which takes beginners step by step through the process of making a maze.

Getting the resulting drawing to the surface of the tray was an unexpectedly difficult challenge. I thought about how the majolica painters in Deruta use “mascherini” to transfer an image–they prick their drawing with pins,  then rub graphite into the tiny holes and play “connect the dots”. But I am happier with a free hand, gestures, eraser crumbles, smeared gesso tracks rerouted with pencil marks, and the signs of the struggle! “Cleaned up” is fine for a computer image, but it is good to get back to actual materials from time to time, and celebrate human intervention!  Here are some of the results so far.


2 Responses to “A few more trays: Mazes”

  1. Very beautiful and brilliant yet again!

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