Scaffolds–bamboo, wood, metal…and thread!

I have been sorting through a bin of loose photos from the last 25 years,  scanning the best ones to save them from Time, mildew and mouse patrols; my plan is to get them organized and visible on my computer. It has been a daunting task (though it sped up noticeably after I updated my scanner software!), and also revealing. I hadn’t realized how the same photographic themes come up again and again. It is so interesting to label each one with a keyword (“scaffolding”! “stitchery”!), and watch the patterns emerge as they get rerouted automatically to the proper Smart Folders.

I can never pass a good scaffold without appreciating the way the diagonals intersect the grid– sometimes made of bamboo, heart-stoppingly elegant like this one I photographed in Singapore on a long-ago birthday trip…

or sometimes wood, like this renovation project in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

Living in Europe, you often get a glimpse of the ancient structures behind the metal scaffolds, and this contrast is very pleasing to  me.

Countryside  scaffolding!…

“What do these pictures remind me of?”, I asked myself, as the computer file filled up with scanned images…

When I went out to dig around for something in my studio, I came upon the following pieces, and understood at last.  I have been stitching scaffolding!

I find it so comforting that we don’t have to reinvent ourselves every day, but have favorite forms we come back to again and again, over a span of many years.



2 Responses to “Scaffolds–bamboo, wood, metal…and thread!”

  1. what a beautiful selection of geometries….

  2. I too love scaffoldings. You are so good at letting an idea soak in and turn into work. Beautiful stuff!

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