P.S. Back to the drawing board

It turns out you can have too many pockets! I went to the Perugia airport dressed in two sweaters,  the “secret carry-on” packed to within an inch of its life, a modest sized purse over one shoulder, all covered by a floppy raincoat with its own baggy pockets. I sailed smugly past the suitcase checkpoint about twenty pounds heavier than usual, but with only one recognizable  piece of luggage on the outside layer. (The good-natured security fellows did ask me to open my lute case, only to exclaim, ” CHE CARINO! We just wanted to see what it looked like!…”) Everything was going well until the flight was announced and the passengers mobbed the boarding gate. With mounting panic I stepped out of the line and searched all 18 pockets looking for my boarding pass! Of course I found it the third time around, but not without peeling off three layers, and completely blowing my cover  in front of the bemused airlines staff. Lucky for me this was Perugia and not Parigi! Back to the drawing board.

Shall I just write a list of what goes where? Much as I like stencils, why advertise where my best toys are hidden? I have been thinking about the transporting of stuff a lot since I got home, especially during our traditional afternoon walk. Wouldn’t it be better just to learn to travel light? What can I absolutely not do without?…

I have no Low Cost adventures coming up for a while, but spring is in the air. For our afternoon “giro”, two pockets should do the trick; these vests are painted on lightweight,  thornproof, who’s-afraid-of-a-little-mud linen. With a wink at the hunters decked out in their camouflage vests–it is important to dress for the task at hand!–I hereby present gardening camouflage! Sneak up on those vines and whack them with the machete!

Can you spot the pockets? My technique is improving…


One Response to “P.S. Back to the drawing board”

    At least it’s still your birthday in NYC.
    Your blog is totally wonderful and inspiring! These vests are the ritz! I need one with the fairly large heart-shaped leaves of bittersweet – for when I can’t get to the hacking in the early spring and I’m left trying to loose the deadly grasp of these things in July / August / September as they are pulling down small buildings …
    humming that birthday tune, sending love, Amy

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