Knitting season winds down

In my predawn kitchen I have been struggling to finish two pairs of regulation-black concert mitts in time for an upcoming music week in Venice. Normally I can knit my way to sunrise in a blissful state between sleep and wakefulness, and I love the quiet hours before the household comes to life. Why have these mitts seemed like such a chore?

I have noticed a curious thing– my knitting has been getting progressively darker as the days grow longer! Look how the winter began; wouldn’t those colors lift your spirits, and make you happy to clickety-click next to the fireplace, waiting for the soup to bubble?…

..whereas this black business is just plain depressing.

While pondering the many faces of Black, I remembered some things I usually don’t dwell on. Number one, I am basically afraid of the dark! I have to be dragged out of my cozy nest once the sun goes down. For as long as I remember I have been frightened of catching my reflection in a mirror in a dark room, and I am terrified of hoods and masks. Even the flirty, jaunty Carnevale masks we will be seeing everywhere in Venice give me the creeps! Funerals, the primordial void, emptiness…black, who needs it?

Of course if you want to be fashionable in Paris (and even in Massa Martana), wearing black all winter is de rigueur. (It is always easy to spot Jacques on a crowded metro platform sporting the one red windbreaker in a sea of black!) Though black covers the post-holiday body forgivingly, is indispensable for those of us trying to learn the art of packing light, and is–at least in this case– the dress code for concert performances, black just does not make my heart sing.

But I think I have found a reasonable compromise. After I finally made it to the last row and sewed in all the ends, I stitched some metallic thread onto the surface ridges. What a difference a tiny sparkle of light makes! Let the music begin!


2 Responses to “Knitting season winds down”

  1. I’m with you, let there be light! No one should venture out after dark.

    Are you in Venice now?? Hands warm and glittery?? I love your solution for the black problem.
    My computer crashed last week and I do not even have e-mail addresses. OY! This is not good.
    I hope you look at this regularly so you get this greeting, and hope you’ll send me an e-mail so I have your address again – thanks!
    We were in Cuba for 5 1/2 days in January and I thought of Remi. Where is he now?? And who is the new Lahaussois – Aimee’s third?? Remi’s first??
    Please fill me in soon!
    XOXO Amy

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