Adventures in YouTube!

A couple of days ago, a friend mentioned “monoculars”, and having only a vague idea what they might be, I did a Google search. The first match was a YouTube video– mesmerizing, slightly weird, made by a vision-impaired fellow with plenty of time, but too few editing skills. I was fascinated; I watched it again. I thought, this medium is really democratic; I want to be on YouTube! Although I don’t have an actual video camera, sometimes I make little movies by mistake, trying to take a photo with my iPhone. So let’s just get on with it!

I went to my favorite on-line learning site,, to see what I could find out about YouTube and/or iMovie. After watching tutorials for several hours, it seemed like a good idea to at least have a look at the actual YouTube site. Oh! Everything worth doing has already been done!–and often skillfully and imaginatively. What is left for the rest of us? I cheered myself up getting lost on a detour which I highly recommend: Sarah Kay’s Spoken Word Poetry Playlist

Later in the afternoon when the rain stopped, Jacques and I went for our usual walk in a whipping wind. We passed this twisted bag caught on a barbed wire fence, spinning about, struggling to break free of constraints and fly off to see the world, and it seemed sort of poignant and emblematic! I took a few seconds of video with my handy iPhone, this time on purpose, and went back home to to see what you do next.

Several hours later, mostly managing to ignore the more and more urgent calls from below (“Woman! where’s DINNER!?”), I finally pushed “send”, and went downstairs, hoping to witness Jacques’ amazement and congratulations at my first video, duly titled, compressed, packaged and delivered. Ah, but timing is everything!  He was too crazed with hunger to find and open the little attachment by himself, and when the five second weather report was finished (for brevity is the soul of wit!)–he did leap out of his chair and twirl me around, only to exclaim, “Now we can have dinner!”

Reactions from two others privileged to see the premier performance of “Weather Report” were more positive.

“YES. I saw the wind in the plastic bag!!!”

“‘Cool'”,  meant in  the literal sense!”

(I can only hope that correspondent number three is still asleep in another time zone, and has not merely been “blown away”!)


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