Save the Studio! Day One

It has been a long time since my last surge of activity in the studio. The mild anxiety about neglecting something I love becomes more acute when I venture in there to wrap a birthday present or iron a shirt, and find dead wasps and spiderwebs, dried up tubes of paint and stiff brushes, scraps of paper and thread, half-baked ideas in the throws of rigor mortis.

Yesterday Pat Sonnino sent me an invitation to a California show she will be participating in at the Sanchez Art Center:–70 artists will create 50 small artworks in 50 days!” She has been posting the paintings on her blog as she completes them. What a brilliant concept! I think I start to see a way to breathe some life back into my dying studio at last…

What if I launched a new (private?) blog, and set myself the challenge of posting a small work every day for a year? 356 pieces would surely shake loose some new ideas, form a good solid habit and some technical competence, and leave behind a record of “the journey”…

I am excited about this project, and am going to begin right now. In the name of accountability, here is the new link:

And we’re off!


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