Paris, December 31

It is so hard to keep with the program during these merry holidays, especially in restricted space!  I feel special sympathy for Jacques’ computer, downgraded from its own desk in its own office, to where it is now sitting: a dining room table crowded with newspapers and drawing papers, candy wrappers, knitting needles, yesterday’s tea—where, to make matters worse, it gets yelled at for being too slow!  One day when the master’s exasperation was reaching dangerous levels, he repacked it in its carton and marched it to the Paris Apple Store, where a “genius” quickly diagnosed the problem, and explained how to fix it. (Watch for a metaphor!…) When bits of your files are all over the place, he said, making the necessary connections will slow your computer down to a crawl, and what is needed is a “De-Frag”!

Hey, I thought, I am feeling cluttered and overfed and plodding too; do they do those for humans?

It set me thinking. Though I have been making a real effort to keep one hand on a pencil even when the other is in the cookie jar, my drawings  (like my own fragmented self!), have been all-over-the-place, dutiful, and frankly uninspired. What has happened to Playfulness? I think I will give drawing a rest, and dedicate the rest of this Paris visit to collage, a much better medium for scraps and inventiveness and unbridled FUN!


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