Bonfire of the Vanities


Every decade or so, a person should do a little house cleaning, and my studio is frankly overdue. One clue is that the wall behind a large drawing folder,"recycle or pitch!", has become damp and crumbly since I last sprang into action. Another is that there is no available surface except the ironing board to empty the contents onto…

And so last week I emptied one folder onto the ironing board for a major purge, and then the next, and the next. By the time the second garbage can was full, Jacques handed me a box of matches, and history took its course.

It felt exhilarating, but also a little scary. Is it such a good idea to destroy 90% of your drawings just because they long ago served their purpose, and you don't want your children to have to agonize over them? I think next time I will photograph the borderline pieces before lighting the match. But I do feel less encumbered, which is good. And I find this photo of a model awaiting her fiery fate has a power the original drawing never did!


3 Responses to “Bonfire of the Vanities”

  1. She looks very accepting of her fate. Glad that you at least saved 10%

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  2. I love the photo though! I threw a lot of paintings away when I moved my studio and I felt much lighter too.

  3. enid elliot Says:

    yes, scary, but not so scary as the one waiting for the fire….whew!

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