How to draw your grandmother

During the recent visit of Martin (7) and Alexander (13), I spent some time on the other side of the drawing board! Martin–whose drawings usually spring from his vivid imagination, and tend to feature mythological battle scenes and severed limbs, drew my portrait, while Alexander acted as cameraman.  It was a fascinating experience. Never in my life have I been so carefully scrutinized; no wrinkle or bulge slipped by undocumented!

I’ve trimmed the twelve minutes of footage down to three, and added a soundtrack of Ronn McFarlane playing “Passemeze”. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2014-03-03 10.37.34


5 Responses to “How to draw your grandmother”

  1. How I have wanted to study a model like that. Bravo Martin!

  2. I love it! Martin can draw my portrait any time!

  3. John Dylan Says:

    Hi Betsy, from way down in New Zealand! Remember me? Sibelius? Lost your email, and changed mine, and it would be LOVELY to hear from you again. Do please email me! xxxx John.

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