Little books

Sometimes you need to put away all your stalled projects, and get a fresh start. Thinking small and free, and “unimportant”, I tore whole sheets of drawing paper into eight horizontal strips, and folded them into pocket sized books. I quickly realized what a good playground they provide….




I have been making marks with anything on hand, dripping wax, applying joint compound, scraping some off, gluing on recycled strips from old work, spraying with liquid inks, sanding everything down, brushing on a layer of acrylic…so little cost, so much fun!


beer can pens!


Here are my favorite mark makers of the moment, made from popsicle sticks and beer cans. (Yes!)  And here is a week’s worth of little books, hanging from the clothesline.


recto 1


(verso)verso 1


One thing I am liking about these strips is that they have a front and a back–twice as much fun for your money!


recto 2


(and here are the backs)


And when they are done, you fold them back up, stow them in nearly no space, and start a new strip! If I remember, I will keep one in my purse for scribbling while waiting in line–a jumping off point once back in the studio.


One Response to “Little books”

  1. Mimi Greer Says:

    Great idea! Have really enjoyed reading your mother’s diary and remembering our friendship when we were young.

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