Little books, part II

The adventure continues when Little Books meet gravity, and I become mesmerized by drips! This is a time when it is good to have a drop cloth on the table below, and a gentle breeze from behind, waving the slower drips along on their course. Liquid inks behave differently from “liquid acrylic inks”, I found, when I spritzed them and some colors bled, while others remained firmly anchored on their paths. But if you’ve applied a coat of linseed oil to the strip and dried it, the paper becomes translucent, and the lines go resolutely south instead of meandering; interesting! And hints of them are visible on the back, which is a welcome “something” to respond to when you start side two.

.IMG_3869 (1)




(I can’t resist including this shot of the dripped, drying books, which looks so oriental with the mosaic canopy. Expanded text of the mosaic is “BPL Studio. Knock Or Else!…”)

At some point I remembered I had four or five unopened bottles of colored ink, part of a starter kit I bought at a back to school sale a couple of years ago. Day Glo orange and acid yellow are not the first colors I think of when I am in a muted mood, but they have their place when you are feeling expansive!






And because the sun was still shining, and there was still some colored ink in the the pipette, I broke out a couple of blank greeting cards to drip over. There are lots of family birthdays coming soon! It’s nice that there is a practical application for the tricks I have been discovering in my Little Books playground.



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