Another book!…

The pages of this book are torn from old monoprints from my recycling pile, assembled randomly, and bound with the usual Coptic binding. They have been a comforting– because not precious– jumping off place for daily improv exercises… this year’s version of the “drawing a day” project I assigned myself a while back. Great ploy to get my reluctant self out to the studio! I rediscovered some twenty year old oil crayons with such hardened surfaces that it took a mosaic hammer to get to their soft center, and gave them one last outing before pitching them!…liquid watercolor inks, graphite crayons, joint compound, glue, Dremel tool, liquid acrylics, bleach…the whole dusty arsenal.

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2 Responses to “Another book!…”

  1. Mimi Greer Says:


  2. Hi Betsy, love seeing what you are up to. Pat

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