Beatbox Birdie


We have been having a lot of fun messing around with drums, ever since we bought a handsome pair of African djembe at the street market in Paris. Drumming is a great way of getting to know some new people, and unlike a dinner party, dispenses with the chitchat, and burns more calories than you have time to consume!


As spring approaches here in Umbria, it sometimes feels as if we are living inside the drum. As usual, Nature’s percussionists, tapping rhythmically as they bounce up and down on our window ledges, make our own attempts seem laughable! We are on the “beat” of this small fellow, who usually chooses the window in my music room for his routine. Have a look at this morning’s performance--this bird is a natural!


2 Responses to “Beatbox Birdie”

  1. Helen Love Says:

    Great post, Bets. I’m curious. Is the WE you and Jacques? Drumming away inside the drum? Charming!

    Did you know there are ads for coconut oil and other stuff on your studio blog? Maybe that is how they pay for offering it to you free. It’s free, right? I am imagining that once you get a certain number of recurring visitors, they’ve decided to market to them. Congratulations I guess.

    We are on our way to Denver today, having set out yesterday the LONG way around Glenwood Canyon, which is closed due to a massive rockfall on the interstate. We spent the night in Steamboat Springs (4 hours) and now have another 3 hours to drive to Denver. I’m flying back tomorrow on a small charter that runs back and forth between Grand Junction and a rural Denver airport that doesn’t have TSA. Arvid will drive back when they clear the road. The occasion is IRA Glass, who is appearing at the Paramount. I don’t really know the format, but I fund him to be getting better and better in creating a network of curious and interesting people and reporters, investigators for truth and justice in the world.

    Thanks for the ping from your blog, which is a fun way to stay in touch. Love, H


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