Last year’s “harvest” revisited


Last autumn, when it was still warm enough to work outside at a big table in front of my studio, I made a wonderful mess printing with corn on the cob. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but revisiting these pieces in February, I see more background texture than Iowa Farm Girl imagery!

This apron is the exception; it definitely evokes Mary’s Corn-Corns, complete with cast iron pan! Nothing left to the imagination….


The other samples have more of an allover smudgey texture, not as clearly focussed as I would have liked. I think this is because the more I leaned on the ears of corn, the more they oozed liquid corn starch, diluting the dye mixture. Never mind, it is always useful having a jumping off place for a rainy winter day.

Here are the samples after their February face lift. I added some machine and hand stitching and a few fabric dye marks. How do you like my “rice stitch”?…losing patience with the stitched version, I glued actual grains of rice onto a block, and just printed them!

FullSizeRender 127

FullSizeRender 129

FullSizeRender 133

FullSizeRender 127

And here are four more harvest pieces, which started with a print of one of Remi and Marie Pier’s fennel plants from the vegetable patch, and evolved in the usual ways…

FullSizeRender 125FullSizeRender 131FullSizeRender 126FullSizeRender 128




One Response to “Last year’s “harvest” revisited”

  1. Myrna Hasle Says:

    I liked the February facelift of your corn prints. My, what will you think of next? xox

    Sent from my iPad


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