Painting for painting’s sake

I surprised myself this spring by signing up for an online painting course called Art2Life Creative Visionary Path, taught by Nicholas Wilton and his team. Though I am a little wary of Visionary Paths,  I decided to take the leap after watching a couple of Nick’s promotional tutorials, and finding them fascinating.

I took my supplies list to Poggi in the center of Rome, and filled my shopping cart with such an extravagant pile of paints that Mimmo, the boss, came out of his inner sanctum to greet the big spender. Luckily I had sent Jacques–who doesn’t need to know how expensive “my hobby” is– off to the Ghetto to buy macaroons, but he was back in time to carry the heavy carton to the car. We went on to a lecture, where a new acquaintance asked, “Are you an artist?” Thinking of my whopping paint bill, I was able to answer with confidence, “You bet!”

The course has been everything Nick promised, and the 200-plus participants have been working hard. We had to join Facebook to post our homework, and this worried me a little. I was once a member of Facebook for five minutes, before realizing it was no place for the likes of me, and I didn’t look forward to having to tell everyone in my address book all over again, “No, thank you, I don’t want to be your friend!” (My apologies to anyone I have offended by just ignoring your request–the solution proposed by the support team!) I have to admit FB is a good vehicle for what has turned into an impressive community and support group…

Another few weeks to go, but I thought I would post some of my 30×30 cm panels, which we work on again and again, and which will no longer be recognizable a week from now. Next week’s module, I think, is called Risk, something we have all gotten pretty comfortable with! I may or may not go back to painting ladders and Ikea trays when this is over, but it continues to be an exciting and deeply engaging adventure.

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4 Responses to “Painting for painting’s sake”

  1. Wow! How exciting! Wish I was in the group too!

  2. Hi Betsy Any chance you will be visiting Rome in October? Dick and I will be there for a couple of weeks. I would love to see you. xxpat

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  3. Betsy Lahaussois Says:

    We will make sure to make it happen! XX

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