Welcome to my virtual show!

I have had a wonderful time in the studio this summer, surrounded/crowded by forty 12×12″plywood panels in different stages of messing around/discovery/recovery. Remi helped me attach some slats to the walls so I could hang them up as I went along, and see in that crucial first glance when you come in the door which ones need more attention, and which are nearly resolved. Sometimes a visitor or a grandchild would paint the first layer, with the understanding that it was destined to disappear under successive layers–thick is good!– unless they fell in love and took it home. I like knowing that their marks are buried there, and might reemerge in some future revision. And you really could go on forever, adding more paint and more collage, sanding the surface back down to discover surprise bursts of color from below, reacting to those marks, adding some more. But today it feels like time to “put them out there”, clean up the studio, and go for a walk!

Here, for better for worse, is “how I spent my summer holidays”!

Happy fall…

Helen has asked if these paintings are for sale. Absolutely! I have had some nice hardwood frames built by a local craftsman which look like this:img_4728

and am prepared to sell the paintings framed….


7 Responses to “Welcome to my virtual show!”

  1. Fabulous, Betsy! I love these! What a wonderful, fun and productive way to spend the summer

  2. Wow! Such productivity. Want to sell a few?


  3. I love your work Bets.

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  4. Trudy aka Gert Says:

    Have to confess. I just got time to look at these. Very inspiring. I am off to the studio to lay on some layers!

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