Treasure hunt: a work in process. Looking for letters in the sky/ on the ground for Noam’s “found” alphabet!

And this is just the beginning…it is impossible to stop once you find an unexpected letter B in a tree. I might be the one who learns to read in the process!…..





img_0753 img_0544 img_1477 img_0748 img_0747 img_0620 img_0750 img_0746 img_0590 img_0739   img_0667  img_0675  img_0533 img_0529 img_0669 Version 2 img_0574 img_0564 img_0645 unnamed img_0543 img_0078 img_0755 img_0588  img_0190 img_0550 img_0545 fullsizerender-161 p img_0666 img_0752 From Noam- an R! r s img_0711 img_0560 img_0648 img_0684 u img_0610 n img_0617 img_0422 img_0609


img_0587 img_0751 img_1709 img_0683 fullsizerender-163

“Now I know my ABC’s, tell me what you think of me!”


4 Responses to “Treasure hunt: a work in process. Looking for letters in the sky/ on the ground for Noam’s “found” alphabet!”


  2. Myrna Hasle Says:

    Betsy, I think this is a wonderful idea. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea for our youngest, Isabel, soon to be five? Did Noam find or create the letters himself? Or did you help him with his alphabet? Either way, I like the idea of combining nature with man with letters. Great learning aid. Love, Myrna

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    • Betsy Lahaussois Says:

      This summer Remi and I went on our local “giro” with Noam, and to pick up the flagging pace, I suggested looking for letters. Then out of the blue, back in Canada, he spotted that R in the potted plant, and the game resumed. I am more hooked than he is, but when I find a good one, I email it to him (“secret school”!), and he usually gets it. Anything to give the hockey player some reading tools! Try it, you’ll love it.

  3. chapochris Says:

    what a marvelous idea ! You so creative “pour le meilleur apprentissage qui soit …celui de l observation directe “

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